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| Last Updated:: 16/08/2018

Tabular Data

Government data claims there are only 12,753 manual scavengers


According to the information provided by Vijay Sampla, the Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment in the Rajya Sabha last week, manual scavengers are found in 13 states. The minister provided a table of state-wise data – contested by activists – which claimed there are 12,753 manual scavengers in India and over 10,000 of them in Uttar Pradesh alone.


The state/UT data as per the latest information available on the basis of survey undertaken in the States/UTs from 13 states is as follows:





Status of women engaged in scavenging based on different socio economic indicators



Source: Socio Economic Status of Women Manual Scavengers [Baseline Study Report -2014]